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Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 8 9 years
Favorite food: Fortune cookies shaped as tacos
Trick: Stand on two feet and spin for treat

Sophie came into my life in 2005. I had just moved to live by myself. The first month living alone was incredible, I had friends coming over every weekend and every time someone mentioned a party I offered to host it in my place right away. But then I started to feel a little bit lonely. It wasn’t that much fun to come back everyday to an empty home.

Sophie the day she came home

Sophie the day she came home

Then one day I went to have a coffee with a couple of friends and I was sharing with them how I felt when suddenly a teenage couple carrying a little puppy approached us. She was crying and said that her boyfriend gave her that puppy but her parents didn’t allow her to have her so she was giving her away. I couldn’t resist, I had to keep her. My mom and I had dogs almost my entire childhood and teenage years until our beloved German Shepherd passed away. I just love them and that cute little face won my heart right away.

I took her home and she’s been my loyal companion ever since. When I moved to Phoenix there was no question about it, she was coming with me.


Sophie going for a ride.


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All photos are owned by Sandra unless otherwise noted.

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